Being Mainers, drinking Moxie is a rite of passage.

I've always believed there are really only two kinds of Mainers... Ones who drink Moxie, and ones who don't. Rarely do you meet anyone with an indifferent opinion towards it. Although to be fair, even folks who don't drink Moxie definitely feel a sense of pride and ownership of it.

Jeff Tuttle
Jeff Tuttle


Whenever we something about it on the national level, we all get excited to see it being recognized. It's a true symbol of Maine pride on so many fronts. I mean, I'd love for someone to point me to any town's annual Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper festival. There aren't a lot of beverages out there that get the grassroots love that Moxie does.

It's even more fun to see it in wildly unexpected places.

One place I never noticed it before was in the Bugs Bunny cartoon, Ballot Box Bunny. There's a scene where Bugs is setting up a picnic of some sort while he's immersed in his zany hijinks involving Yosemite Sam. While Bugs is setting up, there are several cases of beverages on the ground, one of which is a case of Moxie. Luckily folks on Reddit were paying attention.

While one might try to argue that it could be some random coincidence, notice that the caps on the bottles are the famous "Moxie Orange". If that isn't the biggest clincher of all, I'm not sure what would be. No other soda I know of has that color in their imaging. Not even orange sodas use that shade of orange.

LOOcaa on YouTube
LOOcaa on YouTube

So I'm all in on this idea that Bugs knew exactly how awesome Moxie is, and that's why it was at his picnic. Or, someone may try and argue that he hates Yosemite Sam so much that he's serving him the world's most disgusting soda. I choose to believe the former. Bugs knows what's up... Now please enjoy Ballot Box Bunny...

I wonder how many of these stores carry Moxie?

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