Think about it..... The world has been raging under this pandemic for months, going on a year here in the U.S., and finally the vaccine is becoming more available. You've seen folks celebrate on social media in a myriad of different ways, but maybe some folks would just like to celebrate with a toddy to mark the occasion. But, should you?

Well, to be honest, here in the states, the jury seems to be out on that one. Pretty much all we warn folks against here is whether or not they should get the shot based on any allergies they might have to the ingredients of the vaccine. But it's a bit of a different story over in the U.K.

In a recent piece from WGME - TV13, officials over in the land of kippered snacks and scones are warning people that they may want to think twice before having alcohol soon before or after, being vaccinated. There's some possibility that it could reduce the effectiveness of the shots.

Doctors over here haven't been as quick to get on board with the idea. However, they do think maybe it's a good idea to hydrate as much as possible when getting the vaccine to help combat any side symptoms you may encounter. And obviously, alcohol will dehydrate you pretty quickly.

Just because there may not be across the board agreement that this is the case, what harm could it do? Nowhere is anyone implying folks need to quit drinking, or even stop for any great length of time. Just maybe not the night before, or later in the day after you get your shot. That doesn't seem too impacting.

At any rate, let's all just use some common sense. After all, if the goal is to eradicate the virus, we should all be willing to take all necessary steps. You don't necessarily need to celebrate this minute. Besides, think of all the giant parties that will happen afterwards. Until then... stay thirsty my friends.

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