I just can't do it yet. I just can't feel good about thinking fall is around the corner. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I can stop it. Cooler weather and colored leaves are only weeks away, but I'm seeing way too many signs of fall before August is even over. Back to school commercials are one thing, but seeing my wife buying scarves online is another.

All I see is pumpkin spice this, and corn maze that. Heck, yesterday a friend admitted to already stocking up on cocoa. The Spirit of Halloween store has announced it's opening for the season. My wife, in addition to her numerous online scarf and boot purchases, has also started looking at winter coats. What the heck?!

As I was sitting out at camp this weekend, I even saw a few leaves beginning to change. There's a big bushy oak tree next to the shore, green as all get-out, except for one lone branch that began to sport some ruby red leaves. I'm sure there's some science-y explanation, but I don't care. They're red leaves, and I want them gone.

I suppose we can take some solace in that weather models predict an extremely warm fall this year. That'd be nice. My birthday is in mid-October, and I've seen everything from 70 degree days to snow on my birthday. No snow would be nice for a change. But snow will be here soon enough.

Even the Farmer's Almanac says we're gonna get pounded by snow this year. But hey...that's winter. I'm ok with winter being winter. But in a year where we spent most of our time indoors at home, throwing fall in my face seems mean. Like Mother Nature is just a big bully.

I'll get over it as fall gets closer because it's actually my favorite season of the year. I just feel like summer was so limited that we need just a little more of a buffer. But I'm learning fall waits for no one. Seasons are gonna season, no matter what. So I'll buck up and get with the program, but you'll still never make me like pumpkin spice coffee.

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