There's been a lot of scuttlebutt going around about Halloween this year. Depending on what you choose to believe online, there's everything from 'It's canceled' to 'My kids don't live in fear'. And really, there's no complete right or wrong answer. You do you. I have no dog in this fight because I live in the woods where trick or treating doesn't exist.

The funny thing is.... Halloween isn't based on how many parents and kids are willing to go trick or treating. It's really about how many people are willing to hand out candy. You can have all the little monsters and goblins out there as you want, but if there's no porch lights on, there's no candy. So how can it be made so that everyone's comfortable?

Well, easy. It's pretty much making the rounds everywhere on social media.... but the answer is candy chutes. That way, if you're willing to hand out the goodies to the kiddies, you can keep as far away as you'd like. And it couldn't be more simple. All it takes is a minimum 6 ft. length of PVC pipe and some zip ties. Done.

Just zip tie the tube to the railing on your porch and, voila! Obviously, you could decorate it, make it out of wood instead, make it 15 feet long... The possibilities are endless. Probably for under $20, and about as much time as it takes to simply go get the materials, you could be completely safe.

Halloween is really about the kids. Adults love Halloween parties too, but the real spirit of the day is the kids. Adults will try to make it all about their needs, or their politics, or whatever. But people like that tend to find things to complain about anyway, regardless od political affiliation. Haters are always gonna hate.

But if all it takes to keep kids in costumes, and adults feeling safe, I can't see the problem here. Especially when the fix is so simple. A tiny bit of cash out of your pocket, and a little of your time can save the day. So yeah... no joke, you can try to argue the point, but if it's really about the kids, here's your solution to the problem.

Check out this video of a super spooky candy chute...

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