JStew & Cori here... Today, we wanna know: If you could describe yourself using just 3 words, what would they be?

JStew: Cori and I took up the challenge of using three words to describe each other. Honestly, these things always make me feel uncomfortable, and kinda cheesy. But only because I'm an emotionally stunted man-child. But... really, if I had to describe Cori in three words, it's pretty easy:

Hardworking, dedicated, mom.

Really, if you could pick any three words to describe a person, you can't really pick much better. But I may be biased by the fact I have the best co-host in the radio biz. Granted that was six words, but those are all true too!

Cori: When I first saw this challenge, I thought "I'd rather describe JStew!" So that's what I proposed. And I'm glad we agreed to that, as much as he may gave hemmed and hawed. I think many of us tend to be self-deprecating when it comes to how we view ourselves. It's nice, every once in a while, to get a glimpse of what others think of us. The 3 words I picked to describe JStew came pretty easily, because these were the words that came to mind the first day I met him, a few years ago:

Genuine, likeable, talented.

He was one of the most positive people I had met "in the biz" in a long time. (We can tend to be a sarcastic and jaded bunch at times, so it was refreshing to meet someone who was so genuinely friendly.) As I got to know him, and watched how he worked, it became very apparent to me that he's an incredibly talented person, both on air and when he's performing his second job as a drummer. It's these qualities that I really respect about JStew, and these qualities that had me totally on-board when DJ Fred first proposed we work together.

As for you and how you'd describe yourself....well this morning sure was interesting and entertaining!

Thanks for lifting the veil off your lives a bit and sharing with us!

Best Friends Tracy and Mary called in and decided to describe each other, cause that's what friends are for!
Mary's 3 words for Tracy: Crazy, sarcastic, bitch
Tracy's 3 words for Mary: Pathetic Pumpkin Head
Others chimed in with:
Rick Saved By Grace
Kari Jo Davis Thankful, happy, and loyal.
Wendy Clewley Concertaholic,empty nester,struggling
Dennis Bean Coolest Dad Everrrrrrrr
Larry DeWitt really nice guy
Grampa Bob Easygoing and Insane
Sunshine Crazy ass bitch
Steve Ready To Retire
Caller United States Marine
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