I always love it when things from home (Maine) show up far away from us. And in this case, the connection to home is two-fold. Let me explain:

A friend of mine posted this video to her Facebook this week with the caption: "A lovely OldTown Canoe is featured in Rend Collective's, new music video."

Being a fan of OldTown Canoe, my curiosity was peaked. So I clicked on the link and was pleasantly surprised.


It was a beautifully shot video of this Irish Folk Band, Rend Collective's new holiday single "Today Is The Saviour’s Day ." And sure enough, about half way through this charmingly Irish song, there it was: an actual OldTown Canoe! So neat.

YouTube: Rend Collective

My curiosity was already peaked, so I did some more digging online, and found another cool connection that Rend Collective has to Maine.

YouTube: Rend Collective

According to Wikipedia, "Rend Collective...is a Northern Irish Christian folk rock worship band originating from BangorNorthern Ireland." They're from our Irish sister city of Bangor! What are the chances?!

YouTube: Rend Collective

I really liked the song and the video. It seems so upbeat and positive at a time where a lot of us are feeling kind of Grinchy. And it's nice to know that even across the pond, they have an appreciation for a well-made, classic OldTown canoe.

The single is off the band's new Holiday Album, "A Jolly Irish Christmas, Volume 2".

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