It hit all the news wires this morning.... Canada will start allowing folks who've been vaccinated back into their country. Canada has been a bit slower to open back up than a lot of other places, but also boasts one of the lowest case counts in the world. By September, they plan to open back up to global travelers as well.

Getting back to business.

For more than the last year, the only Maine/American traffic was business only. Things that needed to be imported into Canada from the states. But tourism in that country for the last year has been all but non-existent, other than domestic travelers, according to WABI/Associated Press. But that's all about to change next month.

Like Maine, coastal parts of Canada especially, depend greatly on the tourism industry to stay afloat. Opening the border will go a long way towards getting the Canadian economy back on track.

Getting back to normal.

It'll be nice to go back across the border for many Mainers. Sure, Mainers have a lot of Canadian family, especially those up closer to the border, but a lot of us just like to go up and see the sights. I can't wait to get back to Prince Edward Island, or Campobello. We used to go to these places a lot when I was a kid.

As an adult, I'd love to go back more often. But that's trip my wife and I had to put off an extra year. It's funny though, everyone I know is so excited for things to be opening back up, they don't even think about how long it's been. They're just psyched to be going to shows, and eating at restaurants.

Now, let's go do all that across the border and relax and have fun again, right?!

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