Sure it's kinda funny. Til you run the numbers...

Yes, I do find it humorous that at Maine's first-ever job fair dedicated solely to employing people in our state's quickly growing (no pun intended...kind of) recreational cannabis industry, that there was also a chicken wing eating contest. It seems like an almost comical nod to what most people think potheads do all day.

But what's not comical at all, is when you realize that cannabis is pretty much Maine's most valuable cash crop at this point. Especially when you factor the cost per pound versus potatoes. I'm sure farmers up in the county would love it if potatoes were going for a few grand a pound.

Demand across the state is through the roof.

According to WMTW, the job fair became a reality because there were many different facets to the state's industry that were in need of employees. Farms need people to harvest and trim, dispensaries are popping up left and right, and those all need to be staffed. Delivery companies are looking for more drivers. And the list goes on...

And if you think it's not a growing industry, (again, so sorry...kind of), you're absolutely wrong. Hundreds of people showed up to the event in Gray over the weekend, looking to find their way into the canna-biz. Sure, maybe some were there for the wings and the live music, but if you're passionate about cannabis, why wouldn't you want a weed job?

Will this be an annual event, or maybe even more often than that? That remains to be seen. But since it was put on by The Maine Growers Alliance, the Maine Cannabis Coalition and the Women in Cannabis Connection, it would seem there's plenty of interest in keeping something like this going. Time will tell...

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