Where is all the snow at anyway?

I hate to wave my cane at the sky and ask rhetorical questions, but for real... where is all the snow? I know when people start sentences with "When I was a kid..." that it usually is just someone completely out of touch with the way the world is now. However, I really do believe that there was more snow in general when I was a kid.

I remember more than one Christmas, getting new boots for a present and taking them immediately outside to test out they're awesomeness. And I also remember several winters getting snowed right in and basically being closed up in the house. Heck, I even remembered the occasional Thanksgiving that would end up like that.

So are we likely to have a white Christmas this year, or what?

The good folks over at News Center Maine have started to weigh in on this very subject. Historically speaking in the last several years, the trend has become less and less. This time last year, there was some snow in some places, but also a lot that weren't snowy at all. Granted, in 2017 we got hammered with snow on Christmas Day.

Looking back through the years, Bangor has only had about a 30% chance of having snow on the ground. But this year, meteorologists are saying Bangor has up to a 75% chance of a white Christmas. Granted, as I write this, it's raining and approaching 50 degrees outside. We've got a long way to go.

Maybe I've got a positive slant on being cynical, but I figure the less snow on the ground at Christmas, the less snow I'll see the rest of the winter. As long as we can keep the rain coming and keep my well full. But I imagine deep snow will be on the ground before we know it. We can't hide forever...

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