Let's get one thing clear right away...

These houses all need work. If you think you're going to find the one house in all of Penobscot County that needs no work, you're wrong. Now, some of these places need more work than others, for sure. Some legitimately don't need that much. But, you're likely going to be putting some serious sweat equity in these places, for sure.

To be fair, I'm not so young anymore, so it would all seem like a daunting task to me. But I have friends who have kids who are graduating in from the trades and such that could easily whip any of these places into shape. Some solid handy qualities could go a long way in bringing these houses back to life.

These are just the houses under $75,000...

There were a total of 38 properties on Realtor.com that you could today for under $90,000. The real estate market in Maine right now is absolutely bananas. Houses are selling for thousands over asking price, and inventory is super tight. For younger folks, these could be great opportunities to get your foot in the door of homeownership.

Honestly, I would personally describe most of the houses as "starter homes", but what does that even mean? Not everyone's goal is to own a giant house. In fact, the older I get, the smaller I wish it was, hahaha.

I get it, these houses aren't going to be for everyone. These ones are scattered all over the county, so commutes are a thing to consider. But Mainers are facing tougher options all the time when it comes to buying a new house. Eventually things may even out, but right now, maybe put some sweat into the equity instead of the mortgage.


16 Houses Under $75k in Maine

With the market being what it is, if you're handy and ambitious...

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