It may have been cold outside on Friday, but we did our best to spread some warmth and love across the greater Bangor are, just in time for Valentine's Day. When we were first approached with the idea to do something fun for our listener this holiday, we put our heads together to try to come up with something fun. We knew that most folks have had a rough go of it the last year or so, so we thought if we could do something nice for a few people, and help put a smile on their faces, that maybe that good would grow a bit.

And that's how the idea of our Covid Cupid Giveaway came to be. Since people were still hesitant or restricted from going out and about, we'd bring some love to them, as Covid Cupids.

Flowers are usually something that helps make folks feel special. So we asked the amazing artists over at Hampden Floral if they would help us out. They created 3 gorgeous bouquets, complete with chocolates and cards, for us to give away.

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A yummy dinner, in or out, would be nice, too. So our friends at Kosta's in Brewer agreed to hook us up with $50 gift cards to add to the prize.

Now all we needed was a little bit of Valentine's Flare! And for that, we called upon Dave and Molly from Henry's Bridal Boutique and Formal Wear to help us look the part. And we think they nailed it! Could we have looked any more Valentine-y?!

JStew's mom even got in on the action and offered to help spiff up our morning show duo, who have spent most of the last year in their home offices, sporting shorts and sweats!

We asked you to put your name in to the hat by signing up online. And then we picked three winners.

The rest is history!

JStew: From beginning to end.... this was a lot of fun. Starting a few days before, actually, when Cori and I were getting fitted for all the clothes. Originally, I wanted an old school powder/pastel blue tuxedo like they wore in the 70's. you know.... wide lapels, lots of frills on the shirt, that kind of thing. I ended up in a much cooler suit to be honest with you. What started out as an attempt to be more self-deprecating turned into much more of an unexpected fashion statement. Plus, once Friday rolled around and we got a chance to actually get out and meet our winners, the fun really started. It was great meeting Heidi, the Bishops, and the Hamm family while Midge was working. Sure, we were out to spread the love that day, but trust me, we felt just as much love coming back!

Cori: My favorite part of going around to each winner was getting to actually see, in person, a real life listener. And to give them a reason to smile. We've kind of been in a bubble this last year, because of Covid, and haven't been able to connect with listeners in person, the way we would have in years past. That's created kind of a vacuum, which has made it tricky to realize if we're having any kind of impact over the airwaves. It was so good meet and get to chat with our winners. It's something JStew and I have missed about doing live appearances. It felt good.

Covid Cupid Recap 2021

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