JStew & Cori checking in with you this after yesterday's storm. Everyone okay? Some wild wind had, huh?! A quick drive around the greater Bangor area yielded these pics.....

JStew: It's funny, when I left work yesterday, I just assumed I would walk into a house with no power. And, I was 100% correct! But thanks to the fine folks from Versant, my power was only out for a few hours in Hampden. Ironic too, considering I put the deposit down on my new generator yesterday as well. And because everyone wants one before winter, it'll be several weeks before I have it. But hey... better now than in January. Although, at least then I have a place to put things that start to warm up in the fridge!

Cori: During the morning show, I have the perfect view into my backyard, and was able to watch the wind blow about the trees. It was crazy to see how they were bending and the leaves were being ripped right off of them with each strong gust. Later in the afternoon, when I ventured downstairs and looked out the front window at my neighbor's driveway, my jaw hit the floor at the sight of 3 huge branches that were now where their car usually sits! Thankfully, they had pulled their vehicles into the garage. Had they not, those cars would have been flattened! And then, when I went out to pick up my kids from school...wow! There were trees and lines down all over the place! One huge tree along Union Street had been uprooted. You could see all the way down into the hole the roots left. It was crazy!

I-95 listeners snagged these photos from the greater Bangor area and beyond, highlighting local damage. There's some pretty crazy stuff here!

I-95 Listeners Share Their Storm Photos


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