These days, phishing for information by email that can be used for everything from stealing your identity to stealing your money, is pretty commonplace at this point. But as it gets more sophisticated all the time, it really makes me wish for the old days when all I had to worry about was some Nigerian Prince that wanted to give me $10 million.

But more and more all the time, they look like everyday emails, and if you're not paying attention they might just slip right by your radar. Some are still pretty obvious. They're full of spelling errors, or they're so vague it's hilarious. But more often, they're coming into your work email, and they look like they're from someone you may know.

I got both kinds of emails sent to my work email, just this week. One is a complete joke, but the other one looks pretty reasonable/official. The big giveaway almost every time though, is when they want you to click on something. A link, or a download. General rule, if it wants you to click something...don't, until you verify it another way.

But anyway, check out these 'crafty' scammers...

2 Kinds Of Scam Emails

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