Sometimes an act of kindness happens when you least expect it and where you least expect it and to those that need it the most. That happened early this morning at an iconic Maine lighthouse.

As folks were enjoying the sights of sunrise at Nubble Light in York, Maine, an envelope was spotted taped to the Cape Neddick plaque.


The envelope was hard to miss, bright red against the plaque and stone.

The story was shared on Facebook from the account of Jim N Wendy Collins. According to the post, while photographing the sunrise, a gentleman was spotted near the mysterious envelope. Collins noticed both the envelope and the man yelled over to the gentleman to open it and then left to warm up.

Shortly thereafter the gentleman approached Collins, who did, in fact, open the envelope. Inside was $100 and he wanted to split it with Collins who declined.

It was then that the man teared up and noted that things had been difficult as he had lost his job in the pandemic.

There was a note with the money that said,

This is day 22 of my personal 25 days of Christmas Kindness. I hope this little gesture helps you out in this most difficult year. All I ask in return you pay a kindness forward to someone else. Merry Christmas.

See the full story and photos below and may we all take a moment this holiday season to pass along a kindness. It doesn't have to be money, simply paying for coffee in a drive-thru, holding a door, or shoveling a neighbor's driveway. It's so easy to be kind and this year could certainly use more kindness.

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