I opened up camp yesterday, and it was glorious.

I anxiously await every spring for the weather to get it's act together and transition us from cold to warm. There is something nice about the transition, but ultimately it makes you want the summer to just kick into gear. And this past weekend for instance, we got it. And I don't blame folks for wanting to take a plunge to cool off.

Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash
Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

And as we roll into this week, there are more incredibly warm days in store. As we look at the forecast, there are multiple days over 80 degrees, and Thursday we'll easily top 90 degrees. While getting as cool as possible will be on everyone's mind, there's a couple things you might wanna think about when trying to get cool.

The biggest issue for folks to consider, is the temp of the lakes and rivers.

To be honest, the ocean always feel frigid, so I've never really had much to worry about there, but our lakes and streams right now are still teeming with cold water. Out of curiosity I stuck my toes in the water at camp and was surprised at just how cold the water was. Never mind a river or stream where the water is constantly in motion...


The National Weather Service also has an entire section of their website dedicated to warning people about the dangers of cold water right now, especially in light of the warm weather rolling in. There is quite a heightened risk for drowning associated with the rapid changes your body can experience when you're not prepared for such a dramatic change in temperature. Definitely be aware of conditions before you jump in.

A few more weeks and this won't really be a big deal. We'll have had a bunch of warm days and warmer nights than we're having right now. Until then, just use some common sense and enjoy the warm weather.

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