I grew up with Boston Terriers. They're kind of my jam when it comes to dogs. I know there are some folks out there who prefer bigger, sportier dogs who can complete tasks like hunt and fetch, or who look intimidating and would make would-be criminals think twice about committing crimes against their owners. But to me, what these little guys and gals lack in size or natural athletic ability, they make up for in personality and heart...I guess I can kind of relate to them that way. I'll likely never run a marathon or even scale my stairs without being winded, but I always have a pot of coffee on, and would give you the shirt of my back if you needed it.

These dogs can't help but be entertaining. If you took a fruit bat, a pig and a gremlin and mixed the three up and dressed what you got into a tuxedo, that's what Boston Terriers look like. And all of the Boston's I've ever owned are super quirky.

Our first dog, Smidge, LOVED spaghetti. Tid-Bit liked to dress up with the kids on Halloween--and was heartbroken if she didn't get a costume. Buddy spent most of his time on his back, like a turtle who'd been flipped over. And one of my favorites, Remmy, loved to look at you, fart, then run away into the other room like she was completely innocent of any wrong doing.

Our latest pooch pal, Harley, is no exception. He's a special kind of strange. He hates the vacuum--literally attacking it when I try to get housework done. He hates balloons. My poor kids know that if they have a birthday party, or go to a special event where someone offers them a balloon, they have to decline because our dog will freak out if we bring them into the house. He hates when people hug, dance or wrestle together. Whenever I try to hug my son (who has pretty much taken over ownership of this guy--they're inseparable) Harley will get in the middle of the hug and bark till I back off.

I was outside with my kids and a bunch of their friends this week and we learned about another thing Harley hates; the swing.

I had just put this little swing up for my youngest two. I hung it from a tree branch in the front yard. When I let the dog out to do his business, he took one look at that thing, looked back at my girls as if to say "I'll protect you!" and then went nuts!

I had been taking pictures of the kids in the yard, so I have my phone nearby and started recording. As you'll see, he's kind of ridiculous in his lack of awareness of just how small he is. But that doesn't stop our hilarious hero from trying. And the kids got such a kick out of it!

Dynamite really does come in small packages, as far as this guy is concerned!