Well, that just makes sense...

One of the biggest hurdles for travelers since the pandemic began, has been following individual state's COVID rules. Some states were requiring quarantining to enter, some were requiring it to come back. Some places you couldn't go at all, and other times it required proof of having been tested.

We all know how much fun it is to try and book a doctor's appointment, or make the time to go get tested before traveling. Or god forbid because things have been as normal as possible, maybe you just spaced it all together. That could definitely foul up plans. And again, nothing ever happens quickly.

But things can sometimes happen conveniently.

With any luck, according to the BDN, Bangor International Airport will be getting a kiosk right on site that will allow rapid tests as well as lab tests for COVID infection. Imagine the convenience of getting it done there. The bags are packed, the kids are in the car, and you snag your test right as you get on the plane.

That's not to say you should just assume there will be room in their schedule, and it's probably the better plan to have all that wrapped up before you even get to the airport. that would actually be the most convenient, but having this as a backup plan, as well as the first line of defense, is a great bonus for people traveling.

The lease for the kiosk still needs to pass the city council, who are voting on it this week. This would be in addition to the drive-through facility nearby, run by Northern Light Health.

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