We'd better dig out the long underwear.

As I sit here right now, the snow we're supposed to get hasn't even started yet. And today potentially marks the Bangor area's first significant snowfall. To be fair, it's not supposed to be too bad here, just a mere 3-5 inches. The poor folks Downeast are quite possibly going to get pummeled by this storm, with maybe a foot and strong winds.

The low on Tuesday night will see temps fall to -13!! That's the gnarly kind of cold that makes you hallucinate when go outside, haha.

But come Tuesday, we're looking at needing all the backup warm clothes and everything that goes along with it because we're about to take a big-time plunge into the wintery depths. We're going to see temps that we haven't seen in a year. Sometimes we get lulled to sleep and forget that it can get reeeeeal cold here.

Tuesday's high temp will actually be very low.

Monday is going to start off like any other. It's going to be partly sunny, and 20 degrees. No big deal, right? The low on Monday night is going to get down to -7 degrees. Okay, that's pretty cold... But Tuesday during the day, the temps aren't really going to recover. In fact, the high that day is only supposed to be -1. Ugh.....

And then Tuesday night, it's going to just absolutely bottom out. The low on Tuesday night will see temps fall to -13!! That's the gnarly kind of cold that makes you hallucinate when going outside, haha. And then Wednesday, we'll only recover to a high of 12 degrees. After that, things stabilize and go back to normal, according to Weather.com.

This is your fair warning. It's probably time to check the generator, batten down the hatches, and make sure you're ready for the cold that's coming. It ain't gonna be pretty. On the other hand, we're Mainers. So it's not like we're not totally unaccustomed to this. But hey... I'm just sitting here waiting for the first bad weather bit. Tuesday can wait.

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