Look, there are always going to be some...

The one thing I always hate about the internet is that someone always has to take the opposite side of a conversation, just because. For literally no reason. But, it is what it is. That said, I know when I say something like, "it was nice to have a break from ticks for a minute..." someone will always have to let you know that they "never stopped at my house..."

But who cares? Most of us understand there's always an ebb and flow to tick season, and that when the weather gets hot, the ticks go on hiatus. I hadn't seen one on my dog at home in Hampden or out at camp in Eddington for weeks. Probably since the last week of July. It was glorious.

Can we go back to that?

In the last couple days, I've pulled a few off my dog, one off me, and one off my wife. And they're all super small, which would indicate they're pretty new specimens. A few more weeks, and it'll be like spring all over again, where we're pulling them off a dozen at a time. Especially with dead leaves everywhere and other foliage dying.

It's their other big push before cold weather kicks in and ruins their devious plans. At this point, most folks know all the remedies and preventive methods available. Lyme Disease is a real thing, and all my friends with it say it's the worst. Of course, there is all that talk about a Lyme vaccine soon. That'll be a welcome addition.

Look, you know the drill: Check yourself, check your pets. You don't want either of you to have Lyme. But don't forget about Ehrlichiosis in dogs. It's caused by the big dog ticks. That can be really hard on dogs too. Yay, just another crappy reason to hate the little jerks. Ticks... yuck.

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