This morning started out pretty normal...

The cornerstone to any work day is usually coffee. around here, the black gold is what keeps us all humming, and on our way to surefire kidney stones. Trust me, I know... Even then, I still have to have my one cup to get going every morning. I had no idea what was on the way.

One of my co-workers came in from the studio next door to ask if we were out of filters for the coffee maker. I broke his heart sadly, offered up the Keurig in my office, and he politely declined. From that point, I thought nothing more of it, until I made my way out to the common area.

I think this skill is only taught in frat houses and bachelor pads.

When I walked into the kitchen, I noticed immediately that our coffee maker seemed to have a set of mud flaps that it never had before. The paper that was sticking out of it looked when we used to color carnations blue with food coloring. Except in this case, it was a brown paper towel, made browner by the coffee that leached up the sides.

Have you ever been this kind of desperate? I mean, we all have. But still, this is hilarious to do out of your 20's. I'd just go to the store...


Naturally, I assumed it was the aforementioned Kid from Z107.3 next door. But after speaking with Scott from Q106.5, I learned it was actually Brian Sullivan from WABI Channel 5. He co-hosts the sports show in the morning on 92.9 The Ticket. And he obviously needed coffee today at nearly vampire-esque levels.

The funny thing is, I just taught Brian how to make coffee here a while back when I caught him about to commit a coffee disaster in our kitchen. Today he went rogue. Luckily it all worked out, even if the coffee did taste like a cardboard box. Hard to tell if that's better or worse... But Brian, next time just ask for help. Again. Hahahaha...

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