I know it's tick season, but this is getting nuts.

I think there's always a lot of focus on deer ticks because of the possibility of developing Lyme Disease. I know when I'm doing a tick check, I'm always squinting my eyes shut trying to find them, because they're often pretty small this time of year. Every time I have the smallest itch, I always assume a tick is crawling on my.

Right now though, everywhere you look on social media there's photos and videos of people finding entire dens of dog ticks. I've seen some absolutely nauseating videos and images of those big fat bugs hanging out in the strangest places looking for a snack. They're literally everywhere and in huge numbers. Just look at them in this video from Reddit:

The portal has opened, the invasion has begun.
by u/Cozzie24 in Maine

You can find them on almost any surface.

The other day, my dog and I went to one of our favorite spots. Knowing that ticks are around, I really tried to limit where we went. He stepped into some grass that was maybe 8 inches high for a total of about 9 seconds. I'm not remotely exaggerating. I immediately noticed he was covered in dog ticks. I pulled over a dozen off of him and another four off of myself.

Now, dog ticks don't pose a huge threat to humans and I think we tend to overlook them because they cause us no harm. But they can make your dog's life pretty uncomfortable. It can cause dogs to contract Ehrlichiosis, which can cause all sorts of nasty symptoms in dogs, and needs to be treated as early as possible.

Of course, there are all kinds of ticks and all kinds of things to catch from them, but I've never seen the sheer numbers that the dog ticks are posing this year. It's a bit unnerving to witness. It's pretty nasty to see them hovering on surfaces in droves. It's feels pretty invasive. Maybe someday it'll go back to the old days... Hahaha, no it won't.

Let's poke fun at the little jerks, shall we?

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