Yes, you read that headline right.

I've had my dog a little over a year at this point. We go for walks all the time, and like most folks, I never leave the house without my trusty cache of poop bags for my boy to do his business. I won't lie, if he ducks into the tree line where people don't walk, I usually leave his little presents right there in the woods.

Yup. A bag of turd. On their wiper. This is a new twist on wiping after a poop that I've never seen.

But, if he deuces all over someone's lawn or something, I pick that crap right up. I know I hate it when I find "other" poop on my lawn. But if I have to, I will take the poop home with me, if there's no place for it. I have a little technique for tying it to his leash where it doesn't bother him, or me.

In southern Maine this weekend, I saw the grodiest thing.

I was visiting some friends, and my buddy and I were headed to Portsmouth to patronize the local drum shop down there. As we were sitting at a red light, I noticed a little satchel hanging off the back wiper of some Subaru. Upon closer inspection, I figured out it was a small bag of dog turd. (insert vomit emoji here)

Photo: JStew
Photo: JStew

What. In. The. Actual........ Yup. A bag of turd. On their wiper. This is a new twist on wiping after a poop that I've never seen. I actually heard about it happening before, but never saw it. The real reason people do it is because they don't want the stinky bag of poo in their car. Well, guess what, Chief? I don't really wanna look at it either.

I feel at least some of us here in Bangor are a tad more dignified. I walk my dog all over the place in the greater Bangor area and have never once seen a dangler like this. I guess I get it, but I think it's pretty frikkin' tacky. Trust me, you may not want to suffer the smell, but literally, everyone around you doesn't want to suffer the sight. Just one man's opinion...


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