If you thought Maine was close to easing travel restrictions for our out of town friends, think again! According to WGME CBS 13, Doctor Shah, the state of Massachusetts is still at 769 cases per million, which is three times the rate in which is spreading in Maine, which is why we're no closer to easing travel restrictions than we have ever been.

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There are a number of factors that are slowing the process down include a lack of a national mask mandate, another one being rising numbers in the states around us. Rhode Island has also been added to the naughty list of states that have to test in quarantine before their residents can come and visit Maine as their cases have recently spiked as well.

What does this mean for fall tourism for northern New England? As people love to come to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine to check out the fall foliage and have our fall products in this great state. What do you think can be done to ease travel restrictions?


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