Ever since I was a kid, I loved trains.

Growing up where I did in Hampden, there were train tracks about a quaret mile from house. I'd often zip up on my bike so I could check them out as they went whizzing by. At my grandparents house in Brewer, the train practically went through their yard, so I'd bring pennies with me whenever we went to visit, just in case on went by.

When I got older and Amtrak's Downeaster came to Southern Maine, I couldn't wait to find an excuse to take the train. At the time, I was doing some work in Boston for a summer, and it was super cheap to just take the train back and forth. It was amazing. On the way home, I especially liked being able to have a beer after a long day of work.

That's about change, but only for a tiny part of the ride.

Even folks up here in Bangor use this train a lot. It's a great way to not have to drive into Boston to go see the Sox or whatever, and it can feel a bit more adventurous than taking a bus down. And again, the beer! But now because of state law, riders on the Downeaster won't be able to drink any booze at all while passing through New Hampshire, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The New Hampshire Liquor Commission says that the train cannot serve alcohol that has not been purchased in New Hampshire. So while they're passing through, you won't be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage. If you did before the train hits the border, no worries. But you can't buy another one until the Maine or Massachusetts border.

Apparently, this law has always been on the books, but officials didn't realize until recently that Amtrak was in violation. So no one's in trouble, except you when your cup runneth under at the NH border. I wonder if they could just keep a New Hampshire stash on board? Is it that simple? Hard to say. But it won't be simple to get a drink on a train in Dover.

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