Would you be creeped out by this?

I've seen this island for sale for a minute... It's funny, because the first thing I thought of when I saw it was the movie "The Lighthouse" with Willem DaFoe and Robert Pattinson. That movie was creepy AF, and all I could picture was the descent into madness the main characters made. I wondered if I had the guts to stay alone on an island.

Maybe. Maybe not. But if Duck's Ledge Island looks appealing to you, you might just have to confront your fears about isolation and comfort. Not physical comfort, but the kind that comes from being ok with being by yourself for extended periods, because the island is a solid ten minute boat ride from anything else around it.

The stipulations sound like something out of a movie.

I saw an oldy-timey horror movie once, and everyone had a chance at a mega inheritance if they could spend one night alone in a haunted house. Obviously, only one person made it, because you know... the movies. But if you want this place, you're going to have to convince the owner that you're up to the challenge. Here's the listing from Zillow, in conjunction with Bold Coast Properties.

The island is owned by the Realtor Billy Milliken, and as proof you're ready, you have to be willing to stay a night out there and see what the place is really like. Now, to be fair, there's no reason to believe this place is actually haunted. Milliken just wants to make sure you're up to the task of getting out to the island, and be ok without running water or heat, according to Yahoo.com.

All this beauty and wonder won't even break the bank.

If you think you have what it takes to fit the bill, the price actually isn't even that bad. It's listed at $339,000 and located just off the coast of Addison. It sleeps four, and is absolutely gorgeous inside. So yeah, while I made fun of the horror movie stuff, it's mostly just the inconveniences of this kind of island dwelling you need to prove you're worthy of.

But don't take my word for it, look at these photos yourself and decide. But don't wait too long. Milliken has already had a few people spend the night out there, but doesn't seem to have found the right fit yet. Is it you?

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