Easter used to be so much simpler....

When I was a kid, you got some old plastic basket that had about 4 pounds of that green plastic grass, and about 8 pieces of candy. It was generally disappointing. I didn't really care for going to church, and then we always went and had some meal at my grandparents house. Asparagus and Hollandaise sauce. Every Year.

I love ir now, but back then I just wanted a frikkin' chocolate bunny the size of my head. It just never quite came through. Maybe that's why as an adult I buy myself a ton of Easter candy every year. I'm obviously still trying to eat my feelings surrounding this intense childhood trauma issue.

These days, Easter is going a bit more high-tech.

At least down in Augusta. The Central Church is bringing back a tradition the area hasn't seen in a while. They're going to have Easter eggs dropped out of a helicopter in the Elks Headquarters parking lot at 397 Civic Center Drive, in Augusta. It's happening this Saturday, April 9th at 10:45am.

After they drop their sugary payload in Augusta, the chopper will then continue on to the church's other location in China. That'll be at the China Recreation Fields at 763 Lakeview Drive in China, according to CentralMaine.com. There will also be folks at both sites, hiding additional eggs to keep things as interesting as possible.

You know, anything that gets kids outside and off the internet for a few minutes is worth its weight in gold. Or in this case, at least worth its weight in chocolate bunnies. And for parents, it's a great chance, not unlike Halloween, to take your cut of the candy. For real... get what's yours. Hahahaha. Easter's for everyone.


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