Winter always seems so far away, until October.

Every year, I get a bit lulled into the security of warm, summer weather. Not that I think summer will last forever, but there were certainly a few hot summer days this year that had me wishing for cold weather. Until now, where the colder temps are starting to become more prevalent. There's no escape, but it's nice to put off for a bit.

Also every year, we Mainers always have the task of getting our homes ready for winter, to stay as warm as possible. Whether it's chopping and stacking wood, to putting shrink wrap on the windows to keep the frigid winds out. there's always work to be done. and all that costs money, am I right?

Efficiency Maine is in a position to help. A little bit...

This year, with the rising costs of well, just about everything, Efficiency Maine is offering a $100 rebate on whatever you do to winterize your house. If you go to this link right here, you can fill out the form and send it in to take advantage of the rebate. I understand that $100 doesn't seem like much, but it's way better than nothing.

This rebate could cover things like weather stripping, caulking, window sealant, shrink wrap for the windows, and other things like that. Most of the items on this list aren't that pricey, so that $100 may go a lot farther than you think. It's all projects that likely need to be done anyhow, so why not take the free money?

Old Man Winter will be here soon enough in all his blustery glory, so you might as well try and mitigate as much of that as possible. Staying warm is where it's at. $100 from the state to pay me back a bit for doing it? Yes, please.

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