Hey, we all need someplace to work off what we're planning on eating at this weekend's family cookout.  Although, that's really not what a senior playground is for.

The City of Ellsworth in cooperation with Friends in Action will begin installing exercise equipment at Knowlton Park today for our wonderful senior citizens to use.  The Senior Playground will more than likely be comparable to what the City of Bangor recently installed at Broadway Park.

Senior playgrounds have been popping up around the country for the past couple of years or so, and they really don't exist to help senior citizens lose weight, they exist to help them with mobility and stability.

Most senior playgrounds will include apparatus to help with stretching, stair climbing, and building strength.

As we're all well aware, Maine is a state with a huge senior population, and folks of that age are concerned about medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and also things like depression and mental health.  Being outdoors with others and exercising is a big help with all of those conditions and more than likely a motivator to socialize with others and "continue on."

A local contractor will be working within Knowlton Park off State Street in Ellsworth beginning today and the City asks that you stay clear of that section of the Park while big equipment grades the ground and crews install the new exercise equipment.

Knowlton Park will remain open during the installation process.

This is fabulous news for our senior population in Ellsworth and beyond, and we thank everyone for making it happen!

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