New Year's Eve is soooo close.

There's plenty of good reasons why New Year's Eve is known as "amateur night". It's pretty much when everyone on Earth drinks juuuust a wee bit too much. I may have even already stocked up on my favorite libations to enjoy with my friends at our very tiny annual gathering. Like, my wife and me, and just a few friends.

However, one thing we all take super seriously, is that no one drives after they've been drinking. I'll call you a cab, an Uber, a Lyft... whatever you want. You can even crash on my couch, but I won't let anyone out of my house if they're even remotely tipsy. Some of those "amateurs" we were talking about, they're not always so smart.

The checkpoints begin tomorrow in Ellsworth.

Yup, Ellsworth is going to be cracking down on folks who choose to risk driving, starting tomorrow, December 30th, and going until January 2nd. According to a Facebook post from the EPD, they'll be most focused on the stretch between Route 1A/3 to the Route 172 corridor. They'll be most present between 7:00pm and 2:00am.

A lot of folks ask why any police department would announce they're going to do such things. As far as I know, which could be wrong, police departments have to inform the public to a certain degree, for legal reasons. Plus, if just knowing about it keeps people from driving under the influence, isn't it worth it?

Drunk/drugged driving is as much of a problem here, as anywhere else. Maybe even worse in some ways. But it's nice to know that the police are out there trying to keep people safe, whether it's safe from accidentally killing someone, or even yourself. Thank you Ellsworth PD for literally, protecting and serving.

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