When was the last time you bought underwear? It's something you probably don't think about that often, especially if you are a man. I seem to get new underwear every Christmas, and my wife typically buys our sons new underwear every Christmas as well! A couple packs of underwear seem to last all year.

But imagine if you are homeless. Or if you are forced to flee because of domestic violence. You probably don't have access to washing machines and dryers as often as you would like. Clean underwear like clean socks are a necessity, not only to keep you healthy but for your mental health.

The Emmaus Homeless Shelter has an urgent need for new men's underwear, specifically size large. If you can drop off a pack or 2, they would be most appreciative. You can even have some shipped there via Amazon if you want! The Emmaus Homeless Shelter is located at 51 Main Street in Ellsworth.

Here at the Shelter we seem to be getting requests for underwear and that is something we are lacking in our clothing...

Posted by Emmaus Homeless Shelter on Monday, March 29, 2021

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