Rumors are swirling that star of MTV's Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, has a sex tape coming out.

The Teen Mom star is, of course, not a teen anymore and is denying anything to do with a sex tape. But that's not the word on the street!

TMZ got a hold of Vivid Entertainment's leading man, James Deen who confirmed that they filmed last Friday.

Vivid Entertainment is the fine folks who brought you Kim Kardashian's career...I'm still upset with them for that, by the way. Anyway, Vivid's CEO Steve Hirscho told TMZ the porn is 'amazing' and has over 30 minutes of 'full-on sex.' Hmmmm, somehow I don't believe Farrah anymore.

There is no further info on the porn other than they are supposedly editing it now.

Farrah has been spending her off-camera days getting drunk in lingerie and getting a DUI.

Keep up the good work, Farrah!