What else is there to do in February?

When I was a kid, February vacation always seemed like the least useless one. Granted, I loved having a week off from school, but it was cold and snowy and wrought with all the things that make winter a drag. Sure, maybe there's the once-in-a-lifetime family vacation someplace warm, but what about next year?

I would've killed to do almost anything. These days, pandemic aside, there are a few more options than in my youth. But Maine Academy of Modern Music and Bangor Parks & Rec have teamed up to offer a one-of-a-kind camp this February. If your kid likes to rock, this is possibly the best vacation ever.

February vacation rock camp sounds like the place to be, amirite?

Starting on the 21st of February and going all week until 25th, kids will be gathering up to learn all sorts of things about being in a band. They'll learn songs, perhaps even write some of their own, and then perform them at the end of the week to show off for their parents. It's the second year in a row they've held this February camp.

MAMM and Bangor Parks & Rec also host summer camps, and even classes on Saturdays all through the school year to give them more opportunities to rock out. It's open to kids 11-17, regardless of their level of ability. There's no audition process or anything like that. Folks sign up, bring their instrument, and let the music play.

How do I get my young rocker signed up for this?

Great question! The easiest way is to go right to Maine Academy of Modern Music's website and get it done here at the registration portal. If you find us via Bangor Parks & Rec, you'll be directed here just the same. It's $250 for the week, and classes are from Noon - 3:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

When I was 15, my first gig was in a bar in Augusta on wet t-shirt night. So these camps are key to providing a safe space to gain the experience for teens to learn about their instrument, and how to use it in a band setting. If this had been around when I was young, I may not have grown up quite so fast. Kids can still be kids. And also ROCK!

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