Since I was a little boy, I've always loved to fish. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm what you would describe as a part-timer at best. A fair weather fisherman, if you will. I don't own a lot of gear, and rarely fish anywhere besides the lake my camp is on. But I've also been known to spend hours at a time with a hook in the water.

I'll also be the first to admit, I don't really know squat about Maine fishing laws. Sure, maybe a bit as they pertain to my tiny little world of fishing. But what if you're a more serious angler? Or maybe a novice looking to enter into the world of more serious fishing? A new app just launched that might make your day a bit easier.

The app is called FLOAT. It stands for Fishing Laws Online Angling Tool. What this does, is not only put all of Maine's vast fishing laws right in your hand via your smartphone, but it can also help you locate and save new spots to fish. It can also be broken down by category such as open water, or fly fishing, says Fox ABC Maine.

You can thank the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Dept. for this awesome new feature. That's one of the great things about Maine. With such a huge outdoor culture, it's embraced at the state level, and supports resources like this. Really, most people from Maine enjoy some kind of outdoor sport, at some point.

This will be a great resource. It makes me even want to escape the comfort of my own lake and do a bit of exploring. Mine is so tiny, there aren't many varieties of exciting fish to catch. So who knows.... you may just spot me in a strange boat this summer. Ill make sure to show off my catch and embarrass you, hahaha!

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