Personally, I have mixed feelings about drive-thru windows.

There's definitely a drive-thru culture here in Maine. You can pass by any business with a drive-thru window any time if day, and there's usually a line out into the road. Or at least wrapped all the way around the building. It doesn't matter if it's Dunkin' or MacDonald's or Dairy Queen... There's always a huge line.

Ice cream

Often times however, if you were to park your car and go inside, you'd find there was almost no one inside waiting for anything. I'm one of the people who will go inside almost every time, as opposed to waiting for 30 minutes sometimes, just for a coffee. So what's the attraction? Someone on Reddit wondered the same thing, so let's dive in.

Convenience is king. Or queen, I guess.

I asked a coworker why she always used the drive-thru. She said if you have kids, the window is a must. she explained bringing a pile of kids into a Dunkin' or whatnot is just a nightmare. Not just for her, but also for the folks working. She feels the drive-thru brings a small amount of control to the chaos.


Other folks on Reddit said it was their morning ritual. Some answered work emails, others just zoned out and enjoyed the last few minutes of freedom before hitting the doors of the office. There were tons of great reasons. Mainers are definitely never short on opinions about any given subject.

So let's dig into what Mainers themselves had to say about why they're willing to wait forever in a drive-thru. And again, it doesn't seem to matter. Folks who love them will use them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So let's see why...

What's your relationship with the drive-thru window?

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