It was just before dawn Thursday morning when a large barn in Union collapsed under the weight of heavy snow and rain. In the barn at the time of the cave-in were dozens of animals including cows, pigs, chickens, and a donkey.

Owners of the Green Meadow Farm, where the barn collapsed, took to social media after reports started to trickle in, to explain the situation.

"Early this morning, our cattle barn collapsed with many cows and pigs inside. Neighbors and first responders came and we are so thankful. We have accounted for many but not all of the animals."

Fox23 spoke with a neighboring farmer named Linda Dean, who lives up the road from the Green Meadow Farm.

"Her husband joined other farmers and firefighters on Thursday helping to care for the animals and clean up the damage...She says her heart sank when she learned about the collapse."

In an update on their Facebook Page Thursday night, the owners shared that while four cows passed in the ordeal, the rest of the animals have been accounted for. They also passed along their deepest gratitude to those who helped them during the harrowing ordeal.

"While it was a long and heartbreaking day, we are grateful. In the end, all pigs and the donkey are alive and well. Out of 50 cows, we lost 4. It was painful but everyone involved handled them with kindness and respect. Thanks to each and every person who helped and thought of us today. We are blessed."

They said aside from people physically showing up to help rescue the animals, kind-hearted helpers left cards and meals for the family.

The owners of the farm did say that many people made offers of help and that they may take those folks up on those offers, once they have a better idea of what they need.

The barn in Union was not the only casualty of the mid-week storm. The Mahaney Dome on the campus of the University of Maine in Orono also caved in under the pressure of the heavy snow and rain.

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