J Stew: Yesterday, I wrote a piece about a guy from Hancock, who just shattered the record for doing the Cannonball Run. After Cori and I talked about it on the air, the driver, Fred Ashmore, contacted us to let us know he'd love to talk about what he'd done. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to talk to him.

He was also kind enough to send along a bunch of photos from his trip as well. Fred was a great guy to chat with, and has probably forgotten more about cars than I will ever learn in my lifetime. But that's ok, I could bury him in useless knowledge about drums, and Twinkies.

Cori: Let's face it--there's just something awesome about being the fastest! Whether its racing on foot in the schoolyard, or pulling out into a passing lane and cruising by someone; that need for speed is something most of us can relate to. And I think many of us would also love to have the skills to tinker with cars, to make them do what we want them to. To have that unique mastery, almost a partnership with a machine that can take you on such a thrill ride is exactly what draws me to those classic "car" movies like The Transporter, The Fast & Furious and even Ford VS. Ferrari.

Pushing things to the limit seems to be something Fred Ashmore appreciates as well, so when he reached out, JStew and I were super excited to find out all the details about how he did it! The story from "the horses mouth" so to speak is even more exciting and interesting than the ones I had read about. It's cool that he has the skills that he does to make the simple yet thoughtful modifications he needed to make in order to maximize the car's potential. The way in which he set out to strip down the process and make it about the adventure and less about the tech involved is one I respect. And the sense of humor he's had about the entire process is something I think a lot of you will enjoy.

Down below, we've added some the audio from our interview as well. what a cool dude. Thanks Fred!!

Fred Ashmore's Cannonball run Experience

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