Only one time in my whole life have I seen a bear, personally.

To be honest, that also happened in a car, which is just where I'd like an encounter of that sort to take place. I have no desire to see a bear up close. Especially now that I live out in the country a bit more. My neighbors see them on their game cams fairly often. Often enough that I won't put a traditional bird feeder out.

But it happens fairly frequently in Maine. We've heard past stories about folks who've fought off bears in this area. Even just last week, a woman caught a photo of one right behind her on the Orono Bog Walk. But generally speaking, black bears have pretty much zero interest in any kind of direct confrontation.

On the other hand, if I were this person, I'd have pooped my pants.

In this video off of Reddit, posted by u/firstworkthenbreak, it starts off like most bear videos. You know, "here's a bear in my yard, sniffing around...". But all of a sudden, the bear lunges forward and then takes off. You can also sense the reaction of the person filming. Pretty much instant terror, hahaha.

But the initial scariest part to me... if this was filmed during the day, why are this bear's eyes glowing?! Was this bear from Salem's Lot? Like, I know it's a camera angle thing, but it just adds even more creepiness to the whole encounter for me. I would've gotten in my car and driven 100mph in the other direction. Even though it's the OP's parent's house in Sanford, haha.

From what I read in the comments on the thread, people familiar with bears say this behavior of lunging is quite common and only a scare tactic. Even if the bear lunges like that, an attack is almost entirely unlikely. Still... I hope that person had an extra pair of skivvies after that. I know I'd need them...


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