Breaking up is never any fun.

I know that's an obvious statement, but it really doesn't matter whether it's a girlfriend, or occasionally quitting a job, there's always a little pang as it ends. But more often than not, when a band ends, it's always a complicated story. Every band breakup I've been involved with was never because we couldn't get along anymore or whatever.

It's always been because life changes, and the music business is a fickle and generally unfriendly place. A lot of really awesome, undiscovered bands have just faded off into obscurity, never to be heard from on a mass level. It's hard to make ends meet as a musician, let alone as a group of them.

Ghost of Paul Revere was pretty far ahead of that curve.

They've done a lot in their time together. Countless tours. Appearances on national TV shows. Playing huge hometown shows in front of thousands of people. They weren't just playing the part of rock stars, in many ways they were living the life. But according to News Center Maine, that's all coming to an end.

The band will play their last show together in September as they headline their last Ghostland Festival. Citing all the typical "trials and tribulations" of the business, they're calling it quits. They've been grinding hard and faced things like lineup changes and stolen gear on the road. All brutal stuff.

People often think being a musician is nothing but a non-stop party. For some it is. But they aren't the ones with longevity. It's a commitment to a lifestyle. And after years, it can get hard. Personally, I feel their pain and respect their decision. There's nothing better than a band that knows when to make an incredibly glorious exit. Good luck, gents.


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