Lobsters are so weird.

I don't care what anybody says. As much as I enjoy lobster, if I think too hard about the fact that it's a weird sea-spider, I get kinda wigged out. It makes me wonder what eating real bugs might be like. Generally, I'lll try anything once, food-wise. But I might stop short of land bugs. Maybe...

Close-up of a lobster

On the other hand, lobsters are strangely fascinating critters that deserve a bit of pause. Where do they go at night? Do they ever sleep? Are they remotely sophisticated enough to have any real thoughts about what they're doing day to day. Someone on Reddit posted a smidge of an answer recently, thanks to a GoPro camera.

This dude strapped a camera to a lobster's back, and it's pretty cool.

Well, to be fair, the camera seemed nearly as big as the lobster, so you kind of have to wonder if it caused any weird mobility issues for the poor lobster. But again, going back to a previous point, I just don't think they're that self-aware, other than to be annoyed by said camera.

Video camera lens

But the mini-adventure the lobster goes on is pretty cool. It just saunters about the bottom, checking out the nearby trap just hanging out. It sees other lobsters and a hermit crab, and just keeps on keepin' on. It's really cool. Check it out:

I suppose some folks might think it's kind of cruel to do such a thing, but I doubt the lobster had much to say about it either way. Aside from any potential animal cruelty complaints, it's still pretty neat to watch this lobster do his thing. Hmmmm... I wonder if this is what it's like when aliens abduct us? We'll have to wait until they post a video.

A lobster isn't an insect, but it acts like a bug. Does it qualify?

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