We were all about the Monday Munchies today!!!! What's one food you just could not live without?!

JStew: For me, the Achilles Heel of the snack world will always be donuts. They are straight-up my personal kryptonite. I can tell everyone in the world, including myself, that I'm going to 'eat well today'. Then I'll get to work, and of course it'll be the day that Dunkin' decided to drop off a bunch of snacks for us. Before you know it, I'm 4 donuts deep, and sinking fast in a shame spiral. A sweet, sugary, delicious shame spiral.

Colorful and tasty donuts

Cori: I don't know if I could live without cheese. Cheese is my go-to for everything. Especially melted cheese...mmmmmm. Melted cheese makes everything better. On it's own or covering a big bowl of pasta, I just love cheese. Sometimes I'll just eat cheese and crackers for a meal. I know, I eat like a toddler, but I don't care. Judge me. I'm fine with it.


Of course, everyone has different tastes ,so we weren't surprised at all by all the different things you love to shove down your grocery holes. Here were your favorites from Facebook, and on the air this morning....

Greg Miller Pat's pizza (the original in Orono)
Mary Klein Drouin Toast and peanut butter
Justin Choiniere Cheese.
Sue Simard-Poliquin Pizza
Christine Delano Fruit. All fruit.
Krissy Andrade Falls Guacamole
Sunshine Homemade Mac-and-cheese
Wendy Clewley Nutella & bread!
Cheryl from Milbridge Marinated Steak
Chris Devil Dogs
Kari Jo Davis Beef. Namely steak, but show me the beef. 😁

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