Going out to breakfast is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

It's true. If someone told me tomorrow that I could never go out to dinner again, and that I could only go out for breakfast, I don't think I'd bat an eyelash. For real. I can cook dinner at home. But I reeeeally love it when someone else cooks my breakfast. My mom knows this and is often ready to slay some bacon and eggs in a heartbeat.

Here in the Bangor area, there are some great spots to go, but having spent most of my adulthood in southern Maine, I got used to the insane amount of choices for a breakfast out. Around here, there are a bit fewer choices, so one sometimes has to expand the circle to get a bit of extra variety.

Ralph's Cafe down in Brooks fits that bill perfectly.

If you've never been to Ralph's, it's a pretty trippy spot. If you've ever spent much time in Portland, it's a lot like the old Silly's Restaurant. There are weird photos everywhere, lots of campy stickers and framed vintage advertisements, things like that. It's a super eclectic spot, and they open back up this weekend, according to their Facebook page.

The menu is also very unique. Lots of gluten free things, a crazy selection of fresh baked goods, eggs however, lunch... There's something for everyone. Where I live in the outskirts of Hampden, Ralph's isn't a long drive at all. In fact, where we are, plus Winterport and Belfast and other surrounding towns, this is the local haunt.

So when Ralph's is open, it means that it's time for warmer weather and better days. Of course, it's absence makes the winter that much longer. But hey, you have to take the good with the bad, right?


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