Seems we've seen this guy before here in eastern Maine.

Check out this photo of a phony great white shark attached to the top of a trailer and traveling down the Maine Turnpike this past Saturday morning.  The photo was posted to Twitter by Murray Carpenter who gave it the caption, "Shark migrating south along the Maine Turnpike."

We have to wonder how secure Whitey was sitting atop that boat on what seems to be a makeshift trailer of sorts traveling down the Maine Turnpike at what we presume was a high rate of speed. Hopefully, the trophy fish made out of rubber arrived safely to its final destination.

One has to wonder if this is the same shark that sat atop the Little Debbie's delivery van at that flea market on the side of Route 1A in Ellsworth this past summer.  Really, how many fake great white sharks can there be floating aground across our fine state?

And face it, while it was there at the flea market you thought about stopping and making an offer, didn't you?  Yes, you did.

Like whoever is towing the big guy out of state you probably dreamed about setting this fish up in your man cave or maybe even out on the back deck by the pool.  Yes, we know that you did.

So with that in mind, we have to wonder if this guy's wife knows what awaits her when the shark eventually makes its way home. Bet she's in for a surprise.

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