The most famous person to come to my high school was Ricky Craven

Back when I was in high school in the '90s, it was pretty tame. And you know, being from this area, usually, the only famous people we hear about are Stephen King and Ricky Craven. Maybe Mike Bordick when he was still playing baseball, but that was really about it as far that went.

Once, Ricky Craven came to Hampden Academy as a famous alum. But you could tell this race car driver wasn't necessarily comfortable speaking to several hundred high school kids about racing. And NASCAR hadn't had the incredible boom that it's had in more recent years.

The George Stevens Academy Acting Club has a bunch of super-lucky kids

Recently, as the GSA acting club was having its last gathering for the year, they reached out to a couple of big-time people in the acting business, being Colin Mochrie and Nick Frost. Mochrie is probably most famous for being on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and Nick Frost is known for his work on movies like "Shaun of the Dead."

Both artists seemed more than willing to share their experiences with the kids and got online to send video messages to the students with topics ranging from stage fright to shyness and anxiety, which can be extreme hinderances when learning how to act. That's why I'll always stay a drummer. So much stuff between me and the people, haha.

GSA also gave a special shoutout to Erin McCormick, who helped organize the messages for the students to check out. If you're curious what kind of advice they got, here's the video Colin Mochrie sent the students...

$1.75 Million Island Paradise Is Ellsworth's Most Expensive Home For Sale

Would you jump into the pool or the lake? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Wow, this place is really nice. A 6000 square foot, 4 bedroom, 5 bath island paradise with a big, beautiful pool as well. Sign us up!

Isle Wood is located at 452 Philips Way in Ellsworth with 1000+ feet of shoreline on Branch Lake, the City of Ellsworth's water source. The water is crystal clear in both the lake and the pool for that matter.

The French-style home that was built in 1996 is located on an island with its own bridge to the mainland, so if you dig privacy, then this is your place! It's also been renovated extensively and set up for year-round living.

We found it listed by LandVest, and Jamie O'Keefe is the broker @ 207-276-3840. The asking price was for $1.75 million but was reduced to $1,645,000 in September. It included over 5 acres of land, which would have given you plenty of room to have the time of your life.

After multiple offers, this property was sold to a New York City couple in November.

Check out Maine's Animal Kingdom Through Trail Cams

Trail cams are a great way to see Maine's wilderness up close and personal. Below is a fun look at some of those cams from around the state.

10 Ways Aroostook County Is Unlike Anywhere Else In Maine

Far from the hustle and bustle of southern Maine, many miles further up I-95 from what flatlanders call "Northern Maine," is Aroostook County. It's a unique part of Maine, that at times, can feel like a whole different state. Here are 10 things that make Aroostook Country unlike anywhere else in Maine.

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