The first snow of the year is always the worst.

Not because of the amount of snow we get, but more because somehow between spring and fall, Mainers seemingly forget they've been driving on these roads their whole lives. And there's always three types of drivers. The ones who take it easy, and try to just keep on keepin' on. And then the ones who panic like it's the worst thing ever.

<strong>If you're about to start sliding, put your vehicle in neutral before hitting the brakes.</strong>

But the cocky jerks who drive like it's perfectly dry roads and leave accidents behind them everywhere they go, there's a special place I'd like you to go. But the fact is, at some point in every winter driving season, you're going to end up doing the old slip and slide at some point. Can you do anything to avoid sliding all over? Yup, you sure can.

A truck driver friend gave me this simple tip...

My buddy Richard, who's been driving a truck his whole life said this: If you're about to start sliding, put your vehicle in neutral before hitting the brakes. When you hit the brakes normally, the front brakes will engage first, causing the car to fishtail. But if you can remember to put it in neutral, all the breaks will engage at once.

This will keep inertia from pushing all the weight of the vehicle to the front. At that point, you'll have infinitely more control over where your car is headed, and will slow down faster. Also, it never hurts to drive in a lower gear in bad weather. Even automatic transmission cars. Just put it in D1 or D2.

Will it necessarily stop you from sliding and getting in an accident? Maybe not. But it also might. Anything that give you back even the slightest amount of control is crucial. It may take some time to develop the muscle memory to do it as well. But again, worth it in every way. At any rate, slow and steady wins the race, friends.

Keep and emergency kit in your car with all these items too. It may save your life.

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