Now that we finally have the band back together, we wanted to know what you love, or maybe not love so much about being an adult....

JStew: Honestly, I'd have to say that 2020 was pretty much the year of adulting for a lot of people. Thankfully, 2021 is here, and can hopefully put an end to the madness. But, probably the best thing I love about being an adult vs. a kid, would be that if I want donuts for dinner I can do that. I could have candy for all three meals if I chose. The worst part of adulting is trying to lose all the weight from eating nothing but candy and and donuts. Hahaha. Seriously though, I'd say it's learning the fine line between enjoyment and responsibility. That's the good, and bad side.

Cori: There are a few "bests" about being an adult, in my opinion; no one can tell you what you can or can't eat, and no one can tell you when to go to bed. I also love having kids, and watching them grow. Getting to be a parent is one of my favorites. As far as the worst parts of being an adult; bills, chores and not having enough time in the day to get it all done--and being acutely aware of that. It's kind of a pain when you come across big issues, like a car breaking down or a roof leak, and you're the one who has to solve that problem. So I can eat cake for breakfast but when my stove dies, I have to figure out how to cook dinner on something else.

Your answers were pretty insightful, if not humorous, as well. So let's check out your responses....

Greg Miller The worst part? All my bills. The best? I get to ride motorcycles (when it's warm enough lol)
Paul Keezer Worst: Your childen growing older and the Best: Your children growing older.....haha...
Kristi Carney Best part: owning your own washer/dryer
Worst part: being responsible for more laundry than just your own.
Wendy Clewley Worst part;ageing.Best part;Seeing my kids grow up to be beautiful adults & succeed in life.
Betsy Goodwin Worst part is trying to figure out dinner every night. The best part is cuddling my children.
April Robshaw The worst part of being an adult is constantly wearing so many hats in life and often losing yourself along the way... The best part of being an adult is knowing you are the one taking care of you!
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