Must be because we don't get out much.

The folks staring into their monitors and phones at have researched what people across the United States have been searching for online in terms of holiday gifts, and here is what they have come up with.

Yes, apparently we here in Maine love a good movie and an old episode of The Fall Guy, because Hulu, the online television service, was the top searched for overall gift in Maine, according to Hope everyone that did were on their toes this past weekend, as Hulu was running a Black Friday sale at just $1.99 a month.  Whoops, did you miss it?

Here are the most popular gifts in each category according to the people in Maine:

Top Entertainment Gift: Hulu

Top Home Gift: Weighted blanket

Top Tech Gift: Fitbit

Top Beauty Gift: Home gym equipment

Top Health Gift: Birchbox Beauty Subscription Box

Top Kid Gift: Legos

So "Alexa, what was the top most overall searched for gift across the country?"  Well it was a tie, and one of the gifts is where Alexa herself resides, within the Amazon Echo. Yup, for about $70 Alexa will do just about everything for you from turning on the porch lights to cranking up the classic rock by listening to I-95.

The other most overall searched for gift was a Bluetooth speaker.  Make sure that you get a good one because you want that Aerosmith song to sound it's best while listening to I-95.

Some other interesting facts that found out while scouring the country from their recliners was that the Amazon Echo was the top kitchen/home gift that people either wanted to give or receive.

The top tech gift that people either wanted to give or receive was the IPhone, and the top beauty gift was the Dyson Hair Dryer.

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