JStew & Cori here.... We're talking all about Thanksgiving... Specifically the meal! What's your favorite part?

JStew: Hmmmm.... there's so many things about the meal I love. First and foremost, it's never what's on the table, it's what in the chairs. But, if I had to choose. Gravy is suuuuper important to me. I take great care in it's preparation. Oh, and mashed potatoes. Also turbo important. But my favorite part of the whole bird, is the oysters. The little bits of meat on the underside, in between the wings and thighs. Sooooooo good. Besides that, I just love being around family. Even in this crazy year, where we'll be doing a chunk of it by Zoom. Ha!

Cori: I'm with JStew-gravy makes everything AMAZING! I love the turkey. I'm a sucker for stuffing. I love creamy, buttery potatoes. And if sweet sweet potatoes.....drool! And we haven't even made it to desserts! I guess I love it all. Being with family makes the entire thing worth all the hard work that goes into the preparation. That feeling of having everyone together--I will miss that this year. It just won't feel the same.

Reading all of your responses is making me hungry. thank god Turkey Day is tomorrow!

Amber Harvey Stuffing
Ali Goodwin Being able to be with family. Holidays bring the family together. And also the joy of being able to make everything from scratch and see the smiles on everyone's faces as they sit down to eat.
Carrie Mitchell Stuffing & gravy
Robert Turmel The Thanksgiving sandwiches after the meal lol. Doing a smoked Turkey this year for 2020.
Kari Jo Davis--oh yes with stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo. Mmmm Im such a foodie I love it all.. seriously I can't choose one. I love to make pot pie from leftovers.
Mary Klein Drouin Dessert, pumpkin pie. Also making sandwiches with left over turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.
Steve Gravy. I don't think I could choose which I like better, gravy on mashed potatoes or gravy on stuffing. Just give me gravy and a straw.
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