The roads on the Island are very icy this week, so please drive with extreme caution around the construction areas on Route 3.

Here is what the contractors will be doing within the reconstruction project this week:

- Installing new drainage from the Ferry Terminal to Bayview Street

- Excavating shouler and ditch areas around the Bluffs

- Installing new water main at the Bluffs

- Constructing the wall at the Ferry Terminal

- Stock piling material at the Crooked Road pit

- Utilities will be working from Highbrook Road to Prospect Street

Work will continue until the project is completed sometime during the spring of 2019.

When the project is completed, some of the benefits will include:

  • Paved shoulders for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Some new sidewalks, and sidewalk improvements to meet ADA standards
  • Safer crossings, with electronic crossing signs
  • New multi-use path along part of the project span
  • Where possible, 3-foot wide esplanade between sidewalk/multi-use path and the road
  • New bus turnouts
  • New rock catchment area along the bluffs
  • Upgraded intersection of Mt Desert St. and West St.
  • Improved drainage and runoff management
  • New road surface and striping

Monitor the status of the Bar Harbor Route 3 reconstruction process at the MDOT website, where you can also sign up for email alerts.

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