They get great gas mileage, because they use no gas at all.

More and more people are relying on electric vehicles to get around, and cities, towns and business owners are recognizing that by setting up recharging stations, like the new one recently installed in Ellsworth.

Back in 2016, we highlighted the new Tesla recharging station at Ruby Tuesday in Brewer, and as luck would have it someone was charging their vehicle while we were there.  We were told at the time that after recharging for about an hour or so that the vehicle could then go about 170 miles before needing more juice.

Electric vehicle owners can now recharge at two locations in Ellsworth, one at Tradewinds on outer State Street, and now the other being at the new Merrill Park on Franklin Street, which was erected just this week!

According to the Plug In America website, there's also a few other charging stations further downeast, both at local campgrounds.  There's one at the new Schoodic Woods Campground, part of Acadia National Park, and the other is at Smuggler's Den Campground  in Southwest Harbor.

By the way, the new charging station in Ellsworth was donated by a really cool group that is striving for energy dependence by 2030, A Climate To Thrive.



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