Yes, the rumor is true, there is now paid parking in Eden. But don't let it deter you from visiting!  Here's where to park and how much it will cost.

Thanks to the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce, there is now a printable and shareable color-coded MAP!

There's now a 4 hour time street-parking limit in the more congested areas of West,  Cottage and Mt. Desert Streets, and of course on Main Street itself.  A little further away from the center of town there is no time limit on those streets.

There is also no time limit in the more well-known parking lots, like on the Bar Harbor Town Pier itself, the lot off Rodick Street behind the pharmacy, and the lot at the end of Albert Meadow Drive by Grant Park.

Look for both the yellow and blue color coded areas, that's where the average visitor to Bar Harbor is allowed to park, all other streets will have either no parking or parking by permit only signs.

How much, you wonder?

You'll find that rates will range from $2 an hour in the downtown area (yellow) to $1.50 elsewhere.  The meters and kiosks will take either quarters or credit cards.

You can also use the ParkMobile app.

The minimum purchase is 10 minutes.

You'll finds local cops and their helpers enforcing Bar Harbor's new parking policy between the hours of Monday through Saturday, 9am until 8pm, and then on Sunday 12 noon until 8pm.

Whatever the cost, a trip to Bar Harbor is certainly worth it.  Now, all you'll have to do is find an empty space.


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